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Concerned about Covid-19 Coronavirus?

CoronavirusCare is a contact-free, private telehealth service available for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

To view the current global status of Covid-19, please visit:

To keep UpToDate with the latest Covid-19 advice, please visit


Welcome to GPNow


 CoronavirusCare provides contact-free video consultations with medical professionals, for advice and support during the current crisis.

Our telehealth service is available for anyone, anywhere, anytime. If you need assistance please follow the instructions below. 

 What You Need

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You can use a current generation PC, tablet or mobile phone (with a camera and microphone!) plus internet access. Please use your Google Chrome browser for Windows and Android devices and Safari for Apple iOS. This is really important to avoid any technical issues

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CoronavirusCare is a public telehealth service Bulk-Billable through Medicare.

Create Your Account

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Request an Appointment

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Speak with your Doctor

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